Generic Products

The first generic medicine we ever made? Penicillin G in 1966. Mylan applies one global quality standard across our facilities, and across our product line, regardless of market.

How We Make Generic Medicines at Mylan

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    Advanced Monitoring Systems

    During the manufacturing and packaging process, Mylan uses advanced monitoring and evaluation systems to ensure products meet specifications. This advanced technology is used to automatically remove a defective product from production or packaging lines.
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    One Global Quality Standard

    Whether it’s a medication for millions or for a handful of people, our priorities are to meet or exceed industry standards. Our own teams conduct ongoing reviews to ensure quality and integrity of products, from start to finish, and to continually improve for optimal quality and consistency. Because trust goes beyond our global quality standards. It’s all about caring for the people who will be helped by what we do.
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    Protection Against Defects

    Quality begins at step one. Mylan uses an established testing and verification process to ensure the suitability of active ingredients used in our medicines.
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    Proof of Purity and Potency

    Mylan assures product potency, purity and drug release until expiry date by testing the stability of our products at specific intervals.
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    A Promise to Chemists

    Customers count on you for advice. That's one of the reasons Mylan applies one global quality standard across our facilities and across our product line, regardless of market.
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    A Promise to Doctors

    To ensure that you provide your patients with the highest quality medicines, Mylan uses advanced testing and monitoring systems to assure product adheres to testing acceptance criteria that are in alignment with requirements established by standard-setting organisations around the world.
  • Access Channels

    When your mission is to provide 7 billion people access to high quality medicine, how do you get the medicine to them?

    At Mylan, we’ve established a broad network of local and global access channels through physicians, institutions, governments, retailers and wholesalers.
Last Updated:  22/03/2017